Update – 8/7/2021

This week, asphalt paving began on Fremont Center Road and along the south side of IL RT 60. In order to ensure proper compaction and thickness, the asphalt is paved in three separate lifts. The fourth and final asphalt lift will not be paved until the second stage of construction is complete. At that time, the existing pavement on Fremont Center Road and IL RT 60 will be milled and overlaid with asphalt surface to the full width of the new roadway.

Longitudinal joints are typically the location where the pavement is most likely to fail. This is because of the higher air void percentage in relation to the rest of the mat. To combat this, Longitudinal Joint Sealant (LJS) is used. This material is applied directly beneath the longitudinal joint of the next asphalt lift. Once it is paved over, it rises and fills the voids and, in turn, extends the life of the pavement.

Next week, asphalt paving for this first stage of construction will be completed. Landscaping and guardrail installation along IL RT 60 is also expected to take place.

Please continue to check the project website for updates.