Update – 9/8/21

Last week, work continued along the north side of RT 60. Installation of geotechnical fabric, pipe underdrain, and aggregate subgrade was completed and the subgrade was fine graded to the proposed elevation. The ditch along the north side of the road was also excavated.

This week, asphalt paving began along the north side of RT 60. Due to limited access within the work zone, a material transfer device was used to efficiently deliver asphalt from the trucks to the paver.

After paving, the temporary barrier wall along the north side of RT 60 will be removed. Next week, milling of the existing pavement surface on RT 60 and Fremont Center Road will begin. Paving of the new asphalt surface is expected to take place during the week of 9/20.

Please continue to check the project website for updates.