Update – 9/28/21

Last week, longitudinal joint sealant was installed on Fremont Center Road and IL RT 60 in advance of HMA surface paving. Prime coat was then applied and paving soon followed. After paving was completed, seed and blanket was installed along the north side of IL RT 60.

Electrical work also continued last week. Contractors excavated and poured concrete for handholes and foundations which will support the permanent traffic signals.

This week, aggregate shoulder was installed along the east side of Fremont Center Road to match the new height of the finished pavement. Next, permanent pavement markings and reflective pavement markers were installed along IL RT 60.

Later this week, electrical underground work is expected to continue in addition to pavement markings on Fremont Center Road. Signs are also expected to be installed along IL RT 60 and Fremont Center Road.

Please continue to check the project website for updates.