Update – 7/22/2021

Last week, storm sewer work began near the intersection of W Erhart Road and Fremont Center Road. Existing field tile crossing under Fremont Center Road was replaced with new concrete pipe. Storm sewer was installed at the new retention pond which will be located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Fremont Center Road and IL RT 60. At the west end of the project, an existing storm sewer pipe crossing under IL RT 60 was extended to the south due to widening for the new right turn lane. Earthwork also continued last week with geotechnical fabric, pipe underdrain, and aggregate subgrade being installed on Fremont Center Road. This week, the remaining storm sewer work for the first stage of construction was completed. Earthwork continued along Fremont Center Road and IL RT 60 where the roadway will be widened. Electrical work also began as conduit was installed under the proposed roadway. Electrical work is expected to continue with the installation of temporary traffic signal poles in the coming days. The temporary signals will remain in place until construction of stage 2 is complete. They will then be replaced with permanent signals. Please continue to check the project website for Read More

Update – 07/12/2021

Last week, earthwork continued along the south side of IL RT 60 west of Fremont Center Road. The existing guardrail and asphalt shoulder was removed and the subgrade was widened to accommodate a future right turn lane. Pipe underdrain was installed in conjunction with the aggregate base course to ensure proper drainage under the roadway. Removal of existing storm sewer pipe and structures began along Fremont Center Road. Pavement removal of existing Fremont Center Road was also completed. Work then began to prepare the subgrade of the realigned portion of the roadway as it approaches IL RT 60. This week, storm sewer work is expected to begin. Earthwork along IL RT 60 east of Fremont Center Road will also be taking place. Please continue to check the project website for updates.